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Lake County Christian Choir – December 2, 2017 @ 7 pm

The Johnnycake Ridge Singers will be opening for the Lake County Christian Choir concert at Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church on December 2nd @ 7pm. You won’t want to miss this evening of Christmas favorites & presentation of the Christmas story.

Don’t miss these upcoming performances by the Lake County Christian Choir!

Don’t miss these performances! 
December 1, 7 pm @ Faith Baptist Church of Perry
December 2, 7 pm @ Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church
December 3, 7 pm @ Willo-Hill Baptist Church

Joy’s Joyful Jottings from Brazil

Please download Joy Spieth’s newsletter with updates from Brazil on her missionary work with Baptist Mid-Missions.
Please click the download below:

Read the Dysert’s Update from Spain

Dear CFBC Family,

Hello! I send greetings from Alice and me and the family. We thank God for his watch care over us during these days. The Spanish government has had some trying times in October with some in Catalonia attempting to break off from the rest of the nation. For that reason I delayed sending this update  until I could clarify what was happening. Essentially, a few political leaders from the Barcelona area have run to Belgium looking for a type of asylum, while the national government has scheduled elections in the NE for December 21 in order to form a newly elected government in that region. The long and the short of it is that we are well and that God is caring for us and helping us in the work. Here is our update. Thanks so much for your prayers and gifts of giving. We appreciate it!

Tim Dysert
Read the entire newsletter here.

What a Mighty God we serve! Read an update from the Kintner’s!

What a mighty God we serve!

We are so thankful to the Lord for His saving grace and calling us into the ministry, and that we are still able to serve our Lord in many ways. This month has been a busy one with many opportunities to serve. Due to the absence of his companion in the prison ministry, Paul has had the English and Spanish guys together for Bible class, and preached in the worship hour twice this month, plus one Sunday night in the chapel at the Prison Work Camp. Elaine continues her Bible studies in the jail twice each month, plus playing piano at services in a local assisted living facility two Sundays a month. Paul also attended a conference in Greenville, SC for Hispanic church planters in the USA, and then representing EBI at the conference of the Sunshine State Pastors’ fellowship in Vero Beach, FL.
Read the entire newsletter here.

Praying in the Lyon’s Den – October 2017

Please download the Lyon’s October Prayer Newsletter here. The Lyon’s work as missionaries with the Navigators.

Children’s Christmas Pageant – December 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church

727 Mentor Avenue

Painesville, Ohio 44077

(440) 354-8994

You are invited to:

Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church

Children’s Christmas Program


When: Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Where: 727 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077

This funny and entertaining children’s program invites all to come and celebrate the reason for the season. There will be Christmas goodies in the fellowship hall after the service, so plan on staying awhile afterward. Please come and bring a friend!

The Cogley’s Newletter for September 2017

To read an update from the Cogley’s, please read their Prayer and Praise Newsletter from September 2017.

Cogley Prayer and Praise


We are off to a great start for the Awana Club year.  Since May we have seen nearly a dozen new churches in Northern Ohio begin to use our materials to reach children with the gospel and impact families for Christ.  We still have an opportunity for leaders to become better equipped and improve their impact.  That is the Awana Ministry Conference on 14 October at First Baptist Church, Grove City, Ohio.  Please visit our website for details of location and dates:  

We so enjoy hearing the stories of God’s mighty work taking place in the clubs across our area.  Please take a few minutes to share your stories with us and encourage other leaders.  As you have questions and/or concerns regarding Awana, please feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to help your club have the greatest impact possible. 

We look forward to visiting with your club. As you begin to plan your calendar please contact us to set a date for leader training, a club visit, Fun Fair or Grand Prix.

Ken & Melinda Cogley
Awana Missionaries
Serving in Ohio

Music Ministry is in need of more instrumentalists!

The Music Ministry is in need of more instrumentalists!
If you are interested in playing piano/keys, guitar (acoustic/electric), bass, and/or drums, please contact Craig Hopson at (304) 541-5654 or send him a private message on Facebook.
Requirements include the ability to read music/chord charts, availability to attend rehearsals, & a desire to worship our Savior. 

Mission Update: From the Allen’s – Evaluation Results

Dear Friends,


It is with much excitement and thankfulness that we share with you the results of our recent language evaluation.  Each of us on the team – Benjamin, Missy, Bart and Emily – is officially finished with formal language and culture study!!!!  We are praising the Lord for His enabling to get to this point that we have been working towards for so long.  Our language/culture consultants confidently agreed that we have all reached the mark where we can communicate at a high enough level in the Amdu language to be able to move on to the next phase of ministry here.  In the past we have described the levels with numbers – 9 levels in all.  We have now finished 9 out of 9!! 


Does that mean we know and understand everything there is to know about the Amdu language and can communicate perfectly without making any mistakes?  Not at all!!  We will continue learning and honing our skills in this language as long as the Lord has us here.  And we might never actually sound like a native Amdu speaker, but perfection was never the goal for which we were aiming.  Being able to communicate clearly so that we can accurately translate and share God’s Truth with our Amdu friends is the goal.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of being told that we can move out of the official language learning phase.  Thank you so much for praying for us during our evaluations. 


So, what’s next?  A whole lot more work!!  In just a few days (on October 2) we will begin our Amdu literacy school – the first ever in the history of the Amdu people.  The first class of fifteen students will begin to learn how to read and write their own language.  It is a process that will take at least 4 months.  We will meet each weekday morning from 7-9.  Starting from the very basics of how to hold a book and a pencil, we will progress through a set of graded primers and readers our team has developed that we will use to teach our Amdu friends to read and write. 


As we teach literacy, we will also begin working on translation and writing Bible lessons – with different ones on the team focusing on different aspects of those jobs.  Our translation consultants will have us learning translation principles by first working on post-literacy booklets. When those have been checked and approved we will move into translating portions of the Bible for our teaching program.  Please keep praying for us!!  


As we are able, we will share some literacy pictures via email.  We tried to send some in this email, but it wasn’t working so we’ll have to try again another time.  We will also be posting some on our blog ( so be sure to check there periodically as well. 


Thank you again for being interested in what the Lord is doing here in the Amdu tribe.  Your faithful prayers, communication and gifts are an encouragement and blessing to us!   


Because of His grace,

Bart and Emily

Mission Update: From the Lyon’s Den

Prayer Memo from The Lyons Den


Dear Calvary Fellowship,


I’ve never seen Renee so full of joy.  Remember how Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire said that when he ran he felt God’s pleasure?  After 25 years of home-schooling, Renee has found two new lanes and she is running in them: Life and Leadership Coaching & Intercessory Worship.  I love it.  I love watching her flourish.  I love watching others blessed through God’s supernatural grace flowing through her.  It is supernatural, so please pray that more and more grace and peace will flow through Renee as she pours herself out for others.  (2 Peter 1:2)


Live Jesus!



P.S. The International Forum was a wonderful climax of months of praying.  If you have another 3 minutes, you can read more about our Faith Adventure:


A Faith Adventure

By David Lyons


“What is God saying to us?” 


That was the question before the Navigator International Executive Team after two days of seeking God in Nepal in early 2016.  The answer was clear, yet mysterious: “Lead from and into bold faith.” Our hearts resonated. We knew God was leading. But what was that to look like? 


In the following months, I began asking Navigators all over the world, “What are you praying that God will do in the next six months that only God could do?” I began to hear how our fellow workers were embracing this faith adventure challenge and seeing miraculous answers to their prayers: A transformed prodigal son, astonishing funding, even physical healing.


Then I was asked to organize prayer for the International Forum. “Lord, what would it look like to lead from and into bold faith in this?” The Lord gave me an idea from Matthew 18:19, which says, “If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” 


What would it look like for Navigators around the world to agree in intense prayer for something only God could do through the forum? We did not know, but we began with our team, agreeing in prayer for these three God-sized requests:


  1. We prayed that God would lead our international leadership community to focus together on the greater things that the Father intends to do in and through us (John 5:20; 14:12).
  2. We prayed that God would lead us into world changing oneness with Him and with one another (John 17:23).
  3. We prayed that God would lead us to believe so boldly that we will see His glory displayed among the nations (John 11:40).


Month by month others joined us, all agreeing in prayer around these three requests. Each month more and more Navigators joined us from all over the world, sometimes via video conference calls in the middle of the night. By August, 60 intercessors were agreeing in prayer. 


Then two weeks before the forum, someone suggested that we invite others to pray with us daily during the forum. We sent out a few invitations, but the response was beyond what we could imagine. Another 250 intercessors, people who could not attend the forum, volunteered!   Our anticipation ballooned. 


Then it happened. Every day of the forum brought a flurry of obvious answers to our prayers:

  1. Greater things: Leader after leader spontaneously exhorted us to believe God to reach beyond our competencies, to believe God for much greater things, to have courage in the face of danger, to see breakthroughs in hard places. There was an electric sense of anticipation of what God is about to do, combined with an authentic confession of our desperate needs.
  2. World changing oneness with the Father: Every day of the forum began with an hour of simply and deeply seeking God together. Plus, there were spur-of-the-moment gatherings of Navigators seeking God for a greater openness to the work of the Holy Spirit among us.
  3. World changing oneness with each other: We saw remarkable unity emerge from tremendous international diversity. Humility produced that unity. A region that could have easily boasted about their fruitfulness instead “boasted” about their weakness and need to grow in partnering. Several other countries and regions were deeply challenged to follow their example of humility.
  4. Believing boldly: Every day I saw unplanned and planned prayer gatherings springing up.  I’ve never seen Navigators praying such fierce warrior prayers together as they boldly sought God for solutions to challenging obstacles. 


How about you?  What are you believing God for in the next six months that only He could do?


Mission Update: From the Allen’s

Dear Friends,

Many years ago as we were raising support, we confidently and somewhat naively shared in our presentations various facts, statistics and timelines related to Tribal Church Planting.  Having not yet done it ourselves, sharing the stories of others and the averages of how long different stages of church planting might take was the best we could do.   On the timeline, one of the figures we shared was that it takes an average of 2-5 years to learn an unwritten, tribal language and culture.  On paper, the difference between 2 and 5 years doesn’t seem too much.  But on the ground, here in Amdu, living in a remote village and pouring our sweat and tears into learning this unwritten language and seeking to understand this culture that is so very different from our own, that time has often seemed to drag by – each day very similar to the last, some days feeling like we are making no progress at all and sometimes feeling like we’re moving backwards!!  Our family moved into Amdu in May 2013.  It is now September 2017.  Four years of hard work have passed and, Lord willing, we are very close to finishing the stage of formally learning the Amdu language and culture.  In just over a week, two of our consultants will be coming to Amdu for what we are praying will be the final language evaluation for most of the team!!  Our consultants will be with us from Sept. 25-27.  Please pray for each of us on the team as we anticipate this evaluation time. 

Coming soon on the heels of the evaluation will be the beginning of our Amdu literacy program – teaching the very first group of our Amdu friends to read and write in their own language!!  For the past several months, all of us on the team have been working on different parts of getting the literacy materials ready for the first class.  Our literacy consultant is working right now on formatting and printing the first set of primers, readers and flashcards so they can be sent in on the flight that takes our language consultants back to town.  We’ve said it before, but we are so thankful for the many consultants who, after being involved in a tribal church plant in their own villages, are willing to continue to invest in those of us coming behind them!  Our projected start date for the first Amdu literacy class is October 2, 2017!!  We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to make preparations.  The community is getting excited.  This first class will be a mix of students who have had some education to varying degrees in the trade language, and those who have no education and are totally illiterate.  Our teammates the Hatton’s, especially, have put much work into checking and rechecking the materials, and we are excited to get the first class started and watch our Amdu friends learn to read and write their language.  If anyone would like to be involved with helping to cover the cost of printing literacy materials, just reply to us and we’ll tell you the specific way to give to this project.    

In our last update we shared several prayer requests so we wanted to give you the latest news regarding some of those requests.  

        The school year has started off well for all of our boys.  The days are busy, but they are all doing well.

        Our team discourse analysis project was sent off to our consultant and approved! 

        The situation with the man who was upset with our team has not totally been resolved, but things have simmered down.  There has recently been another incident of a similar sort, but again, the Lord is using these situations to give us more insight into the culture of our Amdu friends.  Please keep praying for wisdom. 

We are grateful for your prayers.  The past few months have been very busy, and we anticipate that the coming months will be even busier.  Even while literacy is going on, we will begin the process of writing Bible lessons and beginning Bible translation.  Please keep praying for us in the weeks and months ahead.  We look forward to sharing more news and pictures of the first literacy class. 

For His glory,

Bart and Emily

Luke, Titus, Caleb and Micah

Bart and Emily Allen

Tribal Church Planters among the Amdu People

Papua New Guinea

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Mission Update: From the Kintner’s – Sept. 17, 2017

Paul and Elaine Kintner                                                                                                                                                

Baptist Mid-Missions                   

8 Matthew Street, Sebring, FL 33870                                                                                                                      

PO Box 308011 

Cleveland, OH 44130                


September, 2017                                             


“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though its waters roar and be troubled, Though the mountains shake with its swelling.” Psalm 46:1-3


                Our last letter was sent as we were preparing to travel to Virginia for a couple weeks rest and visits to family and churches. It was a delightful time in the mountains, just the two of us, for rest, reading, and relaxation. The time culminated with a fantastic family gathering of our three children and families over the Labor Day weekend.


                On our journey back to Florida, Paul developed a severe cough losing his voice for a few days. When we left Virginia, we were receiving warnings of a Category 5 hurricane threatening Florida. Thursday he was able to see the Doctor and receive medications which helped, though the coughing has persisted. On Sunday, September 10th, the hurricane struck extremely hard in Sebring doing considerable damage in the area. We are grateful for Maranatha Village where we live which has its own water and sewage plants with auxiliary power. The duplex residences are constructed to withstand hurricanes and were not damaged. Many trees were uprooted, and carports destroyed, but no physical harm to anyone in the village. The village was without lights from Sunday through Thursday. EBI finally received power Monday, Sept. 18th.


                Our ministry has been limited also due to the hurricane, though ministry opportunities have presented themselves to help our neighbors. The prison where Paul ministers has been on “lockdown” the last two Sundays, as well as his inability to accept a preaching engagement in a Hispanic church in St. Petersburg. The EBI office has been closed for the duration, and is now back in operation as of Sept. 19th. Lord willing, all of our ministries, prison, jail, and otherwise will be picking up again.


                Our hearts have been blessed by recent news from our past ministries in Ecuador and North Carolina. The pastor of Solid Rock Baptist Church in Ecuador sent a good report of growth in the works in Cuenca and Sta. Isabel, having recently baptized seven people. This is the work we went to assist last year for three months, and were finally able to find a pastor. Also, the Hispanic church in Winston-Salem which has been without a pastor since June now has an interim pastor, a missionary to Brazil on furlough, who is well known to the congregation, as he was helpful in the beginning of the church while a college student. He is very fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The church is doing well. We continue to assist both of these works through our monthly support.


                We thank you for your prayer and support of us and our ministry. We would ask you to pray for our health. Elaine has dental issues and suffers extreme pain in this weather with her rheumatoid arthritis, and Paul continues with  bronquitis. All this comes with age, and our wonderful Lord knows and cares for us. May God richly bless you.


In His service,

Paul and Elaine

Mission Update: From the Kintner’s

Dear praying friends,

Just a short note this morning as many are wondering how we fared with the
hurricane. It has now gone by and we are thankfull for God’s mercy on us.
Saturday and Sunday were days of constant heavy rainfall and mild wind.
Finally last evening it became very intense with both wind and rain, but
certainly now as much wind as expected. The storm was dongraded to level 2.
Our light finally went out at 7 p.m. and have not returned.
The village here has their own water and sewage plants, and backup energy,
so we have been bless with that. It is supposed to rain all day today. The
rest is “cleanup” surely for several days. 

Thank you for your prayers, and contiue to pray for thos affected worse by
the storm.

In His service,

Paul and Elaine Kintner

Praise Team – Meeting on Saturday, September 23, 2017

The praise team will be meeting on Saturday, September 23 for a lunch (brunch) & learn. During this time, we will review our upcoming song schedule, plan the schedule for praise singers, work on vocal parts for the songs we will introduce to our congregation this fall, and discuss some ideas for keeping our focus on leading our congregation in worship.
Please contact Music Director Craig Hopson at (304) 541-5654 with any questions. 

Be Our Guest – Join us for our 2017 Ladies’ Retreat on Oct. 13 & 14, 2017

Be our Guest at the 2017 Ladies’ Retreat on Oct. 13 & 14
Embassy Suites, Beachwood
Hosted by Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church Ladies’ Ministry
Join us as we climb into A Tale as Old as Time
as Enchanted as a Rose
Our love for Jesus grows
We’ll find there’s no disguise
Where our true Beauty lies
So Come and Be Our Guest
You will be truly blessed
Sign up at the Welcome Center with your deposit and/or full payment. 
Checks payable to CFBC. Final payment due September 17. 
Cost per person (meals included):
$99 (4 people to a room)
$112 (3 people to a room)
$137 (2 people to a room)
True Beauty Begins Inside…1 Peter 3:4

Awana Kickoff – Sunday, September 10th, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Join us this Sunday in the church parking lot for tons of fun and excitement as we kick off our 2017-2018 Awana Season. 
We hope you will bring a friend! There will be games, prizes, snacks and a lot of fun! 
Please contact Mr. Kevin Keeper if you have any questions. 

Lake County Christian Choir – First Practice will be September 10, 2017

This is an open invitation to join the Lake County Christian Choir for our Christmas 2017 concerts!
The Lake County Christian Choir will begin our 5th season as we start Christmas concert rehearsals on Sunday, September 10th at 4 pm. The choir consists of members from multiple churches in Lake County, and our purpose is to share the good news of the gospel with our community. If you are interested in being in the choir, please contact Craig Hopson at (304) 541 – 5654 or send him a private message on Facebook.
Rehearsals are every Sunday at 4 pm, and new members will be accepted through the month of September. No auditions required. Our rehearsals are starting September 10th!
Location: Calvary Fellowship Baptist Church, 727 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077
Contact Craig Hopson @ (304) 541- 5654 for more details and information. 
Requirements: All singers must be at least 13 years old, able to read/learn vocal parts, and be able to attend most rehearsals as scheduled; no audition required.