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A Spring Update from the Berg’s

Hello Church Family! 
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An update from Joy Spieth in Brazil!

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Don’t Miss The Jacob’s Brothers on April 21, 2018 @ 6 pm

The Jacobs Brothers have been sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and testimony since 1962. They have taken their ministry to thousands of people across the country for over 50 years. God still enables them to sing nearly 200 times a year as they continue to dedicate their lives to Him and this ministry.
The Concert is free. A love offering will be taken at the end of the service.

Greetings from Paul and Elaine Kintner – February 2018

  “For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth: the time of singing has come, and   the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.” Song of Solomon 2:11,12.


                Here at Maranatha Village where we live, they advertise,” Winter is what you see on TV”. It has been a year of deadly storms throughout the United States, with the exception being Florida, after our cleanup of Hurricane Irma. We have had a steady flow of “snowbirds” in the village, several who are longtime friends from up north. The church also sponsors three Bible conferences and concerts during January, February and March, which feed and refresh our souls. We are blessed to live here.


                Elaine is improving since her surgery on her shoulder and nine weeks of physical therapy (twice weekly), plus the discipline of therapy at home. This week she received her first installment of her Christmas gift of “two back teeth”. Now work will begin on the second dental implant. She continues to manage Source of Light Bible correspondence courses to the prisons, and attends Bible study in the local jail. She will be teaching the ladies’ Sunday School class at church for a couple weeks as substitute, and plays piano at a nursing home two Sundays each month.


                Paul keeps busy at EBI both in communications, and assisting in the shipping room. He will take a large order for Honduras to Miami Monday Feb. 26th, and in the same trip take his brother David and wife to Miami for flight to Brazil to attend a conference there. He is glad now to have a companion in his Hispanic Bible study in the prison. Angel Gonzalez, now living in Maranatha Village, goes with him, and will be available to fill in when Paul has to be away. This is an answer to prayer as we plan to travel north for six weeks in June and July. 


                Our plans for a trip this summer are coming together, and we would like to visit our supporting churches and friends during that time. The first week of June we will be attending the annual EBI retreat in Eastern Tennessee. Then the second week in North Carolina for graduation of two grandchildren from High School. From there we plan to go to Binghamton, NY, and be at our home church through Sunday July 1st after which we plan to travel to Elyria, Ohio for the Baptist Mid-Missions Annual conference. If you would like to schedule a visit from us in those respective areas and times, we would love to hear from you and schedule a meeting. Many of you have been supporting us for many years, and we have not visited you as is customarily done by missionaries on furlough. We pray continually for you and are very grateful for making our ministry possible through prayers and support.


                May God richly bless you!


In His service,



Paul and Elaine Kintner

A Prayer Update from the Vanek’s – February 2018

Greetings from inner-city Cleveland! February 22, 2018

If you read our prayer update from November of 2016, you are well aware of how many volunteers it takes to operate a ministry like Faith Baptist Community Center. Keeping various ministries staffed is a challenge, to say the least. As you can imagine, there is an active ebb and flow regarding volunteerism. We lose volunteers periodically (for a variety of reasons) and must recruit new volunteers to fill those vacancies. During our time serving at FBCC&C, we have endeavored (whenever possible) to seek replacement volunteers from within the church plant and inner-city community, as opposed to recruiting volunteers from outside, suburban churches. Don’t misunderstand the point…we have many dedicated volunteers from local, supporting churches who we appreciate and greatly valuethe ministry wouldn’t be where it is without them! However, if an independent church is to become an eventual reality on East 55th Street, community people who have accepted Christ will have to develop a biblical “service mentality…one that seeks to serve, rather than one that merely satisfies itself with being served. Jesus was and is our prime example. He said: “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve...” (Matt. 20:28). That is the mindset we desire to see from those God has called us to serve in Cleveland!

As I have been preparing to run the Jobs for Life program again this year, I have given much thought and prayer to what modifications should be made to increase the positive outcomes from the program. It was during that process that the Lord directed my thoughts to the “intersection” of the Jobs for Life program and volunteer service. Let me explain… In December, Millie Krieke, our Thursday medical receptionist, retired from her ministry after 17 years of service. That left the need for a receptionist. One option, of course, would have been to recruit a volunteer receptionist from among the Center’s supporting churches. Instead, we approached Paula (a graduate from the last Jobs for Life class) about filling that position on a volunteer basis. She agreed immediately and, in fact (with tears in her eyes), admitted that when she learned that Millie was retiring, had prayed that the Lord would allow her to be approached about being the next receptionist. She is doing a wonderful job and we are anticipating that her experience as a volunteer receptionist will build her confidence and serve as a springboard into future, regular paid employment. I will be working with her to that end as time goes on. In March, Paula will be baptized (along with three others) and will become a member of Faith Baptist Community Church! She is now actively involving her children in the ministry as well.

The Jobs for Life program this year will be modified to replicate what has been accomplished with Paula.

Each participant will complete three 13-week phases. The first phase will consist of formal training (including job interest assessment, skill building activities, resume writing, interviewing practice, character development, and basic computer skills). The second phase will be a volunteer “internship” (within a ministry area at FBCC, such as office, medical, kitchen, retail, cleaning) that will promote the development of entry-level job skills. The final phase will include an extensive focus on job search, placement, and support. The class size will be kept to four individuals this year to allow for intensive one-on-one work. A future goal is to secure funds to provide a stipend for each internship to motivate the students and to give them an opportunity to practice money management on a small scale. If you’d like to assist with funds for a Jobs for Life student, contact us. Please pray that the Lord would bring the right four individuals to us. We hope to begin the first phase of the program in April.

Since our last prayer update, we have been able to visit several of our supporting churches. That is always a blessing. We come away from each meeting refreshed and reminded of the faithful prayers that are made on our behalf. In December, we returned to a church in Greensburg, PA, that we had visited during our initial deputation ministry over 12 years ago. Some members of that church had been praying for our family for many years. After being there, we were blessed to have the church partner with us via financial support. We currently have 33 supporting churches and 18 individual supporters. We thank God for each one…they are a vital part of our ministry!

Continue to pray for the missionary team and the many volunteers who serve with us at FBCC&C. If you are ever in the East 55th Street area, stop in. We’d love to see you!

Serving Christ,

Michael, Sherri, Emily, and Benjamin Vanek

Coffee House Outreach Raises Funds for Hannah’s House

Update from the Coffee House we had on February 10, 2018…..More than $600 was raised for Hannah’s Home (in Mentor, OH)! If you want to learn more about Hannah’s Home, watch the video! Thank you so much to everyone involved in last Saturday’s event! Feel free to share!

An Update from the Allen’s in Papua New Guinea

Each weekday for nearly four months, just as the light breaks over the ridge of mountains to the east, we have heard an exciting sound – our neighbor across the airstrip pounding on his hollowed-out tree trunk drum, calling the literacy students to class.  The class started in early October with fifteen students.  While one man was too busy and decided to drop out, the remaining fourteen faithfully showed up, even on dreary, rainy mornings when they normally would not have left their houses until the fog had cleared.   Each day they learned to associate written letters with the sounds of the language they have known all their lives.  Some students excelled; others struggled.  But no one gave up.  The older students who learned the slowest are the ones who showed the most determination.  “As long as you will teach me, I will keep trying,” said one of the older men. 


February 2nd was a milestone for those fourteen students, our missionary team and the community as a whole.  It was graduation day for the very first Amdu literacy class!!  After some speeches by various community leaders, each student was called up to read something demonstrating what they had learned in the class.  The slower students had a much shorter and easier selection, but we were so proud to hear them read in front of the community.  They each then received their coveted certificate.  Having a special piece of paper that like is a big deal in this culture!  Even though they officially graduated from the course, they all still have more to learn and will now move into the post-literacy course to improve their reading speed and comprehension.  A few of the best students from class one will also be helping our teammate Benjamin teach the twenty new students who started class today (Feb. 5th).


Bart and Benjamin with the first Amdu literacy class following graduation



As this second class starts, it’s fun to remember back to the beginning of the first class several months ago.  The students were excited and eager to learn.  Even basic things like how to hold a pencil and learning that you read from left to right, top to bottom needed to be clearly explained.  Skills that most of us learned as young children are not as easy for older students who have never done it before.  Associating written letters on a page with familiar sounds can be taxing on the brain – especially as the number of new syllables grows.  But just like the first class, this new group is motivated and eager.  We are excited for them as they embark on the adventure of learning to read!


Thank you for praying for our family and our team.  Thank you again to those of you who have given gifts specifically to help with the costs associated with the literacy program!  We anticipate and plan for the literacy program to eventually move into the surrounding villages in our language group as well.  If anyone else is interested in giving toward this ongoing project, just write and we’ll let you know more details of how you could be involved. 


In the past, some of you have also helped with another project – baby clothes and blankets to give to moms with new babies.  That is an ongoing project as well, so write and ask if you’re interested in being involved and would like to know more details.


Praise the Lord with us for these milestones happening here in Amdu!   The Lord is faithfully teaching and sustaining our team as we continue to move forward with literacy and translation in preparation for the time when we will be able to clearly share God’s Truth with our Amdu friends.  Keep praying for us!!


Because of His love,

Bart and Emily Allen


Tribal Church Planters

Amdu Tribe – Papua New Guinea

Don’t Miss Our Coffee House – February 10, 2018 @ 7 pm

We hope you can join us at 7 pm on February 10, 2018 for an evening of music, refreshments and fellowship! 
All are invited! 

A Missionary Update from Carol Renner – January 2018

Please download a missionary newsletter from Carol Renner below. 
Thank you for reading!  

Pastor Appreciation Dinner – January 27, 2018

Please join us for our Pastor Appreciation Dinner on January 27, 2018 in the Fellowship Hall. 
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See you there! 

An update from Paul and Elaine Kintner – January 2018

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.

 They are new every morning: great is they faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-23


                Many people around the world celebrate the New Year casting off the Old Year with regrets of their past rather than celebrating the “mercies of the Lord” and His faithfulness every morning. We thank the Lord for His faithfulnss throughout the year 2017, and rest assured of His mercies and faithfulness in this new year 2018.

                 We thank the Lord for His blessings on the ministries in Ecuador and Winston-Salem, NC throughout 2017, and already in 2018. The pastor in Cuenca, Ecuador finished his first year in ministry, rejoicing in the growth and blessings in the two works he is pastoring. The interim pastor in the Hispanic church in Winston-Salem, has accepted the call as pastor Indefinitely, and praises the Lord for growth and blessings in the church.

                At EBI, we are in the midst of a special promocion, and two of the distributors have placed large orders for Nicaragua and Mexico. Paul has spent several days in the shipping department assisting in the assembling of these orders, packaging for shipping, and in one case, transporting a large order to Miami. The next order of 35 boxes, he will take to Tennessee in March, when he goes to North Carolina to preach at the anniversary of the Hispanic Church in Winston-Salem. From there, the missionary transports it to Mexico. EBI is also in process of producing three new publications mentioned in our October letter, as well as raising funds to ship 1,000 sets of Wiersbe New Testament Commentaries to Cuba. Please pray that the government will grant permission to enter Cuba, and that shipping arrangements can be made. The US still maintains an embargo against shipping from the US to Cuba.

                On a personal level, Elaine had surgery on her shoulder (rotator cuff) on December 14th, and has been doing physical therapy twice weekly in the rehabilitation center, and also at home. She wishes it would improve faster, but is learning patience. She began receiving her “Christmas present” (two back teeth!) December 6th, which will require several steps to conclude and be able to chew again. We thank the Lord for general good health, and to be able to assist our neighbors, 94 and 96 years of age, whom we have had to take to the hospital on separate occasions. We continue in the jail and prison ministries.


Prayer requests                                                                                                 Praises and Thanksgiving

Healing and provision for Elaine’s medical condition                           Pastoral leadership in our former ministries

For a Hispanic ministry here in Sebring                                                   Good Doctor’s report of health for Paul

Approval from Cuba to send books for pastors                                      Special Bible conference in our church in Sebring

Funds for new printing projects EBI                                                          For all of you that pray and give towards our ministry


In His service,

Paul and Elaine Kintner

What do Zimbabwean’s eat? – An Update from the Pettets – January 16, 2018

What do Zimbabwean’s eat??   The answer may surprise you!   They eat much of the same foods we do!   Chicken, beef, fish, corn, bread, fresh vegetables and fruits (ever had a freshly picked banana? Incredible flavor!)  Their ice cream is delicious and did you know there are pizza and chicken fast food restaurants in Zimbabwe? The food is great!    

                                    Come and see for yourself!

God is moving in powerful ways in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.   They have faced poverty and oppression for many years.   However, the Lord has used these challenges to prepare their hearts to be hungry for the truth and to delightfully receive Jesus message of salvation!  “When your words came, I ate them; They were my joy and my heart’s delight”…. Jeremiah 15:16     
The fields are ripe and ready for harvest and the time for the harvest is now.  Will you join us in sharing your story and Jesus story…the Good News about salvation in Jesus Christ in Bulawayo and/or Karoi, Zimbabwe this year? 





Is anything too
hard for God?


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May 8-20,





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Sept 4 -16





Online giving Opportunity

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We give thanks to God for you !

A Message from the Dysert’s

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A Missionary Update from Michael, Sherri, Emily and Ben – December 2017

Please download this missionary update from Michael, Sherri, Emily and Ben! 

A Christmas Update from the Pettet’s – December 12, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Click ‘Merry Christmas’ to view a cute, familiar video!

Any of us observing our local, national and world news recognizes how troubled, confused, angry and vengeful people can be when they are without Jesus.  Many of these people are our neighbors, co-workers…maybe even family members and friends.   We have such a privlege to pray and tell “Good News of a great joy that will be for all the people”!  (Luke 2)

What a gift we have in Jesus…Immanuel…God with us. (Matt 1:20-23)  Jesus Himself is our peace. (Eph 2:14)  Thank you Lord for your indescribable gift to us! (2Cor 9:15)  How excellent is your name! (Psalm 8)

Click the pic to hear Bulawayo children singing
          “How Excellent is Your Name!

Amazing grace!  What a difference a year makes!  The dear people of Zimbabwe are experiencing new leadership in their government after 37 years.  Free and fair elections are being promised for early 2018.    God has heard the prayers of the righteous and the transition of power has been without violence, for which we give all praise and glory to God our Father.   The Zimbabwe Situation provides some articles and pictures on their current state of affairs.  
One pastor sent this text “There is so much peace, love and unity in the country.  This reminds me of 2 Chron 7:14-15.  God has certainly heard our prayers.”
Thank you again for your prayers!

  Thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts to Darla and I!   We are blessed beyond measure to be allowed to serve alongside such godly people… we have learned so much from many of you and from the people of Zimbabwe. 

This year has been busy with Darla traveling almost every week and together we are experiencing the joy of planting churches that multiply themselves and have significant impact in their communities in Zimbabwe.   

Thank you for your encouragement to Darla and I in this journey as you pray, text, email, send notes, fellowship together, go with us and give generously on our behalf.  We give the Lord thanks for you alwaysYou are a gift to us!  

Darla and I hope to have a few days away to rest in mid-January.  As one pastor friend of mine would say “Christians need both a work ethic and a rest ethic”.  
More on Pastor Jeremy’s thoughts next newsletter.  


The body of Christ is meant to be thetransforming presence of Christ in their communities!  Therefore, our emphasis is always Community Transformation Church Planting (CTCP).    Beginning with evangelism and sustained through discipleship.    

Planned 2018 trips to Zimbabwe…dates TBA:
     Late May 2018
     Early September(may include an optional trip to  Victoria Falls!)
Online giving Opportunity
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A Missionary Update from Paul and Elaine Kintner – December 3, 2017

December, 2017                                                          

“ In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful, in His time,

Lord, please show me every day, As You’re teaching me Your way, that You do just what You say, in Your time.”

                The lyrics of this song bring to remembrance Galatians 4:4, “But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son…” which we will be celebrating later this month. We are nearing the end of another year, and much remains to be done as we wait for the Lord to return.


                Our last letter ended telling you about Elaine falling and dislocating her shoulder. It has since been discovered that the rotator cuff is torn and she will have surgery to repair that December 14th. Seven days prior to that she will begin the process of two dental implants. “All she wants for Christmas is her two back teeth” and her right shoulder. Paul, after 53 years of training is having the opportunity to do some of the housework, assist with shopping, and now all the driving to doctor’s appointments, etc. How thankful we are to God for our marriage!


                We requested prayer in our last letter for the need of a church planter to plant a Hispanic church in Sebring. Paul recently visited two Hispanic churches locally and was very disappointed, choosing to leave the services early. People need the Lord! With the help of the other two families mentioned in our last letter, we are planning a special Christmas Service for Hispanics December 17th  in the activities building of Maranatha Baptist Church, where we live. We are inviting Hispanic members of other local Baptist churches to join us in the afternoon for Christmas carols, testimonies, and typical Hispanic refreshments. We also want to share our burden with the group for a Hispanic Baptist Church in our city.


                Paul continues his work at EBI which involves communication with distributors, mostly via e-mail, and assisting in some other tasks around the office. He has made three trips to Ft. Lauderdale International airport on EBI business in November.  He is spending more time at home where he can still handle the communications, and help Elaine get to her appointments. Elaine continues with the Source of Light courses to the prisoners, and her Bible study in the local jail. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with around 150 people at the church. Paul’s younger brother Steve and wife are now living in the village so along with his older brother David and wife, we have good times together.


                We plan to send a Christmas letter later this month, as an annual report of our ministry throughout 2017, and recount the blessings of the Lord this past year. May God richly bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.


In His service,



Paul and Elaine Kintner

Please read an update from Missionary Doug Britton!

Download this Newsletter (Part 1) and Page 2 from Global Outreach Missionary Doug Britton!  

Cogley Newsletter from November 2017

Strong Beginnings,
This fall we have had many opportunities to help God’s people across Ohio strengthen their Awana Clubs as they continue to reach out to the children and families of their communities with the gospel. We have also been blessed to see many new churches get signed up and begin working to start Awana. In October we were part of training 21 churches in the inner-city area of Cleveland, and another 6 in November. Of these churches, 10 have made the commitment to begin using the Awana Ministry in their communities. These churches are working to start programs in neighborhood schools and the church. We still have churches preparing to start after the first of the year, and we are training in December. God is doing some big things in Northern Ohio, and we are blessed to have a front row seat to the demonstration of His work. Thank you for partnering with us in this work.
To read the rest of the Cogley’s latest newsletter, please download and share below from November 2017: 

First Amdu Literacy Class – an Update from Missionaries Bart and Emily Allen

Literacy Update from Bart and Emily Allen
To read this post on the Allen’s blog click here.

First Amdu Literacy Class

The past two months since our final language evaluation have flown by!!  We have been  in town so our boys could attend spiritual emphasis retreats with their fellow missionary kids from all over PNG.  Before we head back to Amdu tomorrow, we wanted to share with you a video that our teammate Benjamin put together about the first six weeks of our initial literacy class.
Click on the photo to be able to download and watch the video.
Once we get back to Amdu, we will begin the first steps in the long process of Bible translation.   Literacy is an important phase leading up to our team being able to share the Truth with our Amdu friends.  Our Bible translation won’t be useful if there is no one who can read it!!
Our first class is being held in an existing building in the village
Thank you for praying for our team and for our Amdu friends!  We appreciate you!