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A Letter from Jack and Sandy Sorg about Medical Missions 21 – June 19, 2018

Please download a missionary update from Jack and Sandy Sorg!

Men’s Ministry Outing – Longhorn Steakhouse

Thank you to all the men who were able to attend the Men’s Outing on Sunday, June 10 at Longhorn Steakhouse! Great food and fellowship was had by all in attendance! 
Next Men’s Ministry Outing: More Info Coming Soon! 
Save the Date: July 30, 2018
Tentative Event: Lake County Captains Dollar Dog Night

Furlough Plans – An Update from Bart and Emily Allen – June 8, 2018

Furlough Plans Update

Changes that are unexpected to us don’t take the Lord by surprise.  How thankful we are that we can trust Him when things seem uncertain to us!!  Making travel plans to get a family of 6 from a remote village in Papua New Guinea all the way around the world to Pennsylvania can be a challenge without the ability to look up various options on the internet.  However, with the aid of a travel agent, a very kind sister who got to ‘play’ travel agent and a helpful mom willing to make lots of phone calls for us, all of the details of our trip home are now figured out! 

We’re going to be busy from the moment we land – family reunions, seeing siblings who are also missionaries and only in the US for a short time, finding clothes from storage that hopefully still fit us and aren’t too out of style, moving into the house where we will be living…  We still don’t know exactly how long we will be in PA, but probably at least until early February 2019.  Our boys will be attending the Christian school associated with our home church for the first half of the year and then we’ll go back to homeschooling once we return to PNG.  One main thing we still have to figure out is how to balance the boys’ school schedule with visiting our supporting churches.    

Finishing Well in Amdu

Less than 5 weeks remain before our mission plane will pick us up here in Amdu and fly us to town to begin our journey to the US.   In those weeks we have much we hope to accomplish – making good progress on translation, finishing the homeschool year, continuing to spend time with our Amdu friends who worry that we won’t return, and securely closing up our house and office that will sit empty for many months.  Pray for us as we seek to balance our time well.

Literacy News

Two days before our teammates the Hatton’s left for furlough, we held the graduation for the second literacy class.  This class was even more motivated than the first class and it has been fun to watch them excel at this new venture of reading.  No new literacy classes will be held until after the Hatton’s return, but each student was given some books at their level to read and practice while we’re all gone.  Most of the class, along with a few of the helpers from class one, are pictured below.

Thank you for faithfully praying for our family and for the ministry here in Amdu.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months! 

For His glory,

Bart and Emily

Tribal Church Planters

Amdu Tribe

Papua New Guinea

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A Prayer Update from the Berg’s – June 7, 2018

Dear (“Chaverim”), Friends,

Attached is our summer prayer letter.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

God’s Richest Blessings, 

Jeff and Arlene Berg

An Update from the Pettet’s – June 5, 2018

Hello dear friends and family!  In May a small team of three went to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to train church leaders and work with two different churches for evangelism and discipleship.  I left a week ahead of the US teams’ arrival to conduct Four Fields training to 12 church leaders (click blue link to view a short video)   

73 gospel presentations with 14 professions of faith (11 of these new believers were trained to share their story of faith!).  20follow-up visits and Bible studies.  We found that of the new believers, 8 were potential persons of peace in their communities!  We thank the Lord for this rich harvest and we thank you for your prayers and support!  

This dear sister worked tirelessly all morning to prepare a healthy lunch for the team working in Mahatshula each day.   One favorite dish was cabbage, peanut butter, Sadza (Sadza is made from corn meal and is similar to grits) and local spices.  Very good!
This small congregation of the church of Mathatshula Baptist Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe worship in a small brick building without doors or windows in the midst of a corn field.                                   

left to rightbrother Gordon, David and Gary..not pictured is Pastor Vu Lusinga).   David is now a brother in Christ…seeds of the gospel were planted in David’s life and watered over the past four years….this day in May 2018, David trusted Christ as his Savior!   What a celebration! 


 (left to right) A church worker, Pastor Kesar and a village woman who had been offended by the church two years earlier.  She was quite eager to forgive and deeply desired to return to worship at Nkulamane (N coola mah nee) United Church of Christ.   In addition to reconciling people to Himself, the Lord was actively restoring relationships amongst believers!    So many reasons for us to celebrate!           

God is moving in powerful ways in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.   They have faced poverty and oppression for many years.   However, the Lord has used these challenges to prepare their hearts to be hungry for the truth and to delightfully receive Jesus message of salvation!  “When your words came, I ate them; They were my joy and my heart’s delight”…. Jeremiah 15:16     
The fields are ripe and ready for harvest and the time for the harvest is now.  Will you join us in sharing your story and Jesus story…the Good News about salvation in Jesus Christ in Bulawayo and/or Karoi, Zimbabwe next year? 

Proposed dates of May and September, 2019 should be posted soon…

Come and see for yourself!





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hard for God?


Online giving Opportunity
  Would you please consider a gift to Darla and I so we can keep both hands to the plow?  Please click our picture and it will take you to our giving page!  Thank you! 


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Polar Blast VBA – July 6th, 7th and 8th!

All children, starting at age 3+, are welcome to attend!
The Dates of the Polar Blast VBA:  
  • Friday, July 6 – 6 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday, July 7 – 6 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Sunday, July 8 – Come for the Sunday Service to see what our children learned about and what they have to share! 
Pre-Registration Forms will be available in the Church Bulletin. 
If you are interested in volunteering to help make this program fun for our children and community, please contact the church office for more information about how you can help! 

My God Is Powerful


Men’s Ministry – Meet at Longhorn on Sunday, June 10, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

Please sign up in the Church Foyer if you plan to join the men for a late lunch at Longhorn on Sunday, June 10th. 
We will meet at 3:30 pm for a time of food and fellowship! Hope to see there! 
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May 2018 – Update from the Kintner’s

May 2018

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer,

And day and night shall not cease” Genesis 8:22.

This time of the year there are many changes. The weather has changed, and half of our village residents have changed location, many traveling north after wintering in sunny Florida. We who stay here will experience the heat of summer, comfortably in our air-conditioned homes, cars, stores offices and churches, and always rejoicing in the presence and provisions of our Lord.

Lord willing, we will be leaving Sebring June 1st to attend the EBI Annual Retreat in East Tennessee

June 4-7, and then to Raleigh NC June 8th to attend the graduation of our grandson, Scott from High School.

Each weekend, through July 15th we have scheduled meetings in supporting churches. June 13th we will attend the graduation of our granddaughter, Lauren from High School. Then we will travel to our home church in Binghamton, NY and visit churches in the area, and then to Ohio July 2nd for meetings and attend the Annual BMM conference in Elyria, OH, then back to Sebring, Florida. We still have open dates for mid-week meetings and some Sunday nights within driving distance.

Here at EBI we are launching some new publications, as well as implementing some new methods regarding distribution. The attached VISION letter gives details concerning these projects. Though the translation and printing is outsourced, there is much work in formatting, editing, proofreading and graphics involved in the process. Pray for wisdom and precision in every step of the process. These publications will be a great resource for counselors and pastors in Latin America and USA.

You may observe that this (digital) letter comes to you through a different server. We have switched our personal e-mail to after several problems with juno e-mail. Our address list disappeared one day and could not be recovered. Paul had a printed list from a few years ago with which he was able to restore most addresses with assistance of other sources, but certainly the response from sending this letter will generate “not known” responses which we regret. Any assistance from you will be appreciated.

Thank you for praying and keeping us in the Lord’s work. May God richly bless you!

In His service,

Paul and Elaine Kintner

An Awana Update from the Cogley’s

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What a wonderful year serving the churches of Northern Ohio.

Thank you for partnering with Awana in your efforts to reach boys and girls with the gospel and discipling them toward life-long relationship with our Lord and Savior.  Please share the attached newsletter with your leaders and parents to allow them to know Awana reaches not only your community, but around the world.
Cogley Newsletter April 2018


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An Update from the Allen’s in Amdu

Translation Check Update


               Thank you for praying for our team as we hit another milestone here in Amdu – our very first Bible translation check!  Our consultant Jason was here with us for about 3 days and during that time he was able to officially check 9 chapters – 4 chapters in Genesis that Bart had done, as well as 3 chapters in Exodus and 2 chapters in Numbers that our teammates Benjamin and Missy had done.  All of this was part of the training to officially get the go-ahead to become approved translators.  Our consultant was encouraged with how well the check went!  

We’ll give you an idea of how the process worked.  Our consultant would ask Bart to read a chunk of the text that he had translated into Amdu.  The Amdu guys helping (who had not previously heard the translated material) listened and then told our consultant in Melanesian Pidgin (the trade language here in PNG) what they heard.  It was pretty neat to see how they could listen to large chunks and be able to very accurately retell what they had heard.  That shows us that the translation was very natural to them, and therefore easily understood!! 

Jason had lots of good advice for us and was able to answer many questions we had about the whole translation process.  We are very thankful for his experience and expertise in this area!  There were only a few places in the text where corrections needed to be made for accuracy.  Those have been completed, and we now have 9 chapters of the Bible officially translated into the Amdu language!  However, there is much more to go!

     Our consultant Jason, Bart and 3 Amdu guys during the translation check


Change of Plans


            If you’ve been reading our updates for very long, you might have noticed that we often have to be flexible.  While we do our best to plan ahead and project wisely for the future, sometimes the Lord changes those plans.  We didn’t know how long it would take our team to learn this language.  But it’s quite a difficult one and it ended up taking longer than we expected.  Now that we are past the official language and culture learning stage, we have moved into the phase of teaching literacy and beginning translation.  Up ahead is being able to teach God’s Word to our Amdu friends – beginning with the beginning of His story and leading up to the amazing news of the Savior through whom they can be made right with God and then beyond into learning about the Christian life and walking with the Lord.  And somewhere in there, we have to fit in a furlough.

               Our goal had been to remain here in PNG until after the initial chronological Bible teaching (which takes about 4 months) and return home in the summer of 2019.  However, as we looked as a team at the timeline, it was becoming apparent that we would have to adjust things.  So, to get right to the big news, we are going to be taking our furlough a bit earlier – heading back to the US sometime this summer!  By the time we leave, we will have been back from our last furlough for 3 ½ years so it’s not very early in that respect.  It’s just earlier than we had planned in the timeline of the work here – before we are able to do the Bible teaching.  Our teammates the Hatton’s have been back in PNG for just over 2 years and had already planned to leave for their furlough in May.  As we look at all that is ahead in the ministry here, we have come to the conclusion that it would be better for both of us to take overlapping furloughs and be able to be here on the ground together for the initial Bible teaching as well as the discipleship that will need to follow. 

               However, this is a big change in our plans, so we have had to add “furlough planning” and all that entails (figuring out dates, buying tickets, finding a place to live and a vehicle, etc.) to our already full schedule of working hard on Bible translation.  This is a very recent development so we are still in the midst of thinking through and working out details.  Because of the amount of work that we will still have to do on Bible translation in preparation for the chronological Bible teaching (that we plan to begin later in 2019), we will not be taking a full furlough.  Please pray for us as we have many big decisions to make in a short amount of time!


               Thank you for praying for us as we trust the Lord with this change of plans.  Feel free to write with any questions you may have.  We might not know the answers yet, but you’re welcome to ask! 


For His glory,

Bart and Emily


Tribal Church Planters

Amdu Tribe, Papua New Guinea




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Missionary Bart Allen Update!

Hello Friends,


In our last update we shared that our first translation check was coming up.   For months now we have been pushing hard toward this day – and it is finally here!!


When our consultant arrives later today, the checks will begin and continue through Thursday afternoon.  The evaluation time will involve an overall comprehension check of each passage and then an in-depth verse-by-verse check as well. 


Countless hours of work have already gone into this process for each passage, sometimes alone but most often working very closely with an Amdu helper – drafting, checking, recording, checking, making corrections, checking some more, testing comprehension, making more corrections, checking again…  But as new translators, we know we still have much to learn.  Our consultant is very experienced, and we look forward to the wisdom and advice that he will be able to pass on to us. 


Please pray for our team, our consultant and our translation helpers over the next few days.  Bart has 4 chapters in Genesis that will be checked.  Our teammates have 3 chapters in Exodus and 2 chapters in Numbers being checked.  This is all a part of our training to become approved translators.


Last year at this time we were still in the trenches of culture and language learning.  Since then all four of us on the team have finished formal culture and language learning (although of course we are still learning!). The first literacy class has graduated, and the second one is in progress and going very well.  And now with this translation check, we are one step closer to having the first portions of Scripture in the Amdu language.  But just having Scripture available is not the goal.  We are working towards chronologically teaching our Amdu friends God’s Truth from the beginning – building a foundation for them to be able to understand all of God’s message of salvation!  That day is getting closer all the time, but there is still much work to be done in preparation.  Please continue to pray for our team as we make decisions and plan for the coming months. 


Thank you for praying with us and rejoicing in these milestones!  We are grateful for the larger team that is a part of the ministry in Amdu through prayer, financial support and encouragement.  Thank you!!


All for His glory,

Bart and Emily



Amdu Tribe

Papua New Guinea

Read an update from the Dysert Ministry in Spain

Download and read the Dysert Ministry Update below!

A Baptist Mid-Missions Update from Paul and Elaine Kintner – April 2018

Paul and Elaine Kintner
April 2018


“For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward them that fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:11-12.


                What a beautiful season of the year! We are reminded of the Lord’s mercies toward us through the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. I was reminded recently that the expression “east to the west” is infinite, in contrast to “north and south” which are definable and have their limits.


                Paul did a lot of traveling, north, south, east and west last month, reason which accounts for not get a letter out. Two trips to Miami airport to take his brother Dave and wife to and from Brazil; another trip to Miami to deliver 20+ boxes of EBI material to port for Honduras; a trip to Tennessee (accompanied by his brother Steve) to deliver 35 boxes of books that eventually go to Mexico; then over to Winston-Salem, NC to preach at the 12th anniversary of the Hispanic church; then a day trip to Alabama to pick up 20 boxes of Spanish Hymnals which will go to Peru, and finally another trip to Miami with 15 boxes for Ecuador. Total travel, over 3,300 miles! He loves to deliver EBI materials which eventually are used in churches throughout Latin America.


                We have had many new neighbors this winter from up north and enjoyed their fellowship. Some have decided to buy in to the village either as winter residents or full timers. We also have enjoyed three Bible conferences and three concerts which are a blessing, as well as the regular services each week. Elaine has taught the ladies Sunday School class twice as substitute, and continues playing piano at a nursing home service twice each month as well as her ministry in the local jail twice each month. The prison ministry with Hispanics is growing, and Paul also preaches in English one Sunday a month in the worship hour.


                The schedule for our trip north in June and part of July is filling, and we’re looking forward to visiting several churches. We still have June 17th open and will be in the New York area at that time Lord willing.


Praises                                                                                             Prayer requests

Safe travels                                                                                     Men and women we minister to in jail, prison

Rich Bible conferences                                                                  Boxes being shipped to countries arrive complete

Good general health                                                                       Upcoming dental and hearing needs


Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are blessed to able to serve the Lord in these areas, because of you!


In His service,


Paul and Elaine

Praying in the Lyons’ Den – April 2018 Prayer Letter

Download the Lyons’ Prayer Letter to read the most recent update from the Lyons. 

Read the March Prayer letter from Dr. Jack Sorg

Stop outside the church library for a copy of the March Prayer Letter from Dr. Jack Sorg! 
Thank you! 

Happy Easter – Celebrate with us on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Join us for our Easter Service on April 1, 2018, starting at 11:00 am. 
Time of Fellowship: 10:30 am
Sunday School: 9:30 am
All are welcome! 

An Update from Bart and Emily Allen

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Bart and a translation helper working on the Joseph story in Genesis.
For the last 3 weeks our family has been in town for our annual regional conference and for standardized testing for our boys. The Lord has given us many blessings and has refreshed us to go back to Amdu. 

Bart has been working on translating 8 chapters in Genesis in preparation for our very first translation check.  In less than a month, one of our translation consultants will be flying to Amdu to officially check all the Scripture portions that our team has ready.  We still have some work to do before he comes, but it is very exciting to be at this point. 

The first literacy class graduated in February and continues to meet once a week so the students can improve their reading speed and comprehension.  The second literacy class is underway and doing well!

Please pray for our team as we press forward with literacy and Bible translation.  Thanks for your part in the Amdu work through your prayer.  We are thankful for you!

The Amdu team – March 2018
In the tribe, we receive email over a slow HF modem.  Please delete the photos before replying to us – otherwise your email might be too large to get through.  Thanks so much!!