Kintner’s September 2019 Update

               “O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth, who have

 set your glory above the heavens!”  Psalm 8:1

                Our letter this month comes a little late, or early as the date may indicate, as we wait out the hurricane Dorian here in Florida. The Village Emergency Response Team motto is “Prepare for one Storm and Pray for none.” We began preparation last Friday, and today, Tuesday, September 3rdanticipate saying “goodbye” to Dorian, and begin getting back to normal. God is good, all the time!


                August was a very busy month at EBI, with the EXPOLIT conference in Miami, August 7-11, which resulted in acquiring several new commercial customers throughout Latin America for EBI materials. Since the conference, we have attended to over $20,000 of orders, mostly from new customers. We are glad to see our materials now available in bookstores, rather than individuals having to order through Sebring, FL. This increase has put a demand on all of us in the office. We like to see material going out on pallets, rather than mail or UPS.


                We continue our regular ministries at the State Prison and County Jail, though they were suspended for the duration of the hurricane. Paul has a Bible study with Hispanic guys, some who have been incarcerated many years, but gained a wealth of spiritual growth, while Elaine, in the County Jail, ministers to troubled women who are there for shorter terms, and some repeated offenders. Several of the women have made professions of faith, but follow-up after release is very difficult, though a few maintain contact.


                Elaine had her appointment with an orthopedic surgeon July 30th, discovering he no longer operates, however referred her to a surgeon in Orlando. She met with surgeon’s PA August 23rd, who then scheduled an appointment with the surgeon September 27th. Everything takes time! Pray with us that that appointment results in the treatment necessary to relieve her pain.  God is in control.



   Paul and Elaine Kintner