What do Zimbabwean’s eat? – An Update from the Pettets – January 16, 2018

What do Zimbabwean’s eat??   The answer may surprise you!   They eat much of the same foods we do!   Chicken, beef, fish, corn, bread, fresh vegetables and fruits (ever had a freshly picked banana? Incredible flavor!)  Their ice cream is delicious and did you know there are pizza and chicken fast food restaurants in Zimbabwe? The food is great!    

                                    Come and see for yourself!

God is moving in powerful ways in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.   They have faced poverty and oppression for many years.   However, the Lord has used these challenges to prepare their hearts to be hungry for the truth and to delightfully receive Jesus message of salvation!  “When your words came, I ate them; They were my joy and my heart’s delight”…. Jeremiah 15:16     
The fields are ripe and ready for harvest and the time for the harvest is now.  Will you join us in sharing your story and Jesus story…the Good News about salvation in Jesus Christ in Bulawayo and/or Karoi, Zimbabwe this year? 





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