Missionary Bart Allen Update!

Hello Friends,


In our last update we shared that our first translation check was coming up.   For months now we have been pushing hard toward this day – and it is finally here!!


When our consultant arrives later today, the checks will begin and continue through Thursday afternoon.  The evaluation time will involve an overall comprehension check of each passage and then an in-depth verse-by-verse check as well. 


Countless hours of work have already gone into this process for each passage, sometimes alone but most often working very closely with an Amdu helper – drafting, checking, recording, checking, making corrections, checking some more, testing comprehension, making more corrections, checking again…  But as new translators, we know we still have much to learn.  Our consultant is very experienced, and we look forward to the wisdom and advice that he will be able to pass on to us. 


Please pray for our team, our consultant and our translation helpers over the next few days.  Bart has 4 chapters in Genesis that will be checked.  Our teammates have 3 chapters in Exodus and 2 chapters in Numbers being checked.  This is all a part of our training to become approved translators.


Last year at this time we were still in the trenches of culture and language learning.  Since then all four of us on the team have finished formal culture and language learning (although of course we are still learning!). The first literacy class has graduated, and the second one is in progress and going very well.  And now with this translation check, we are one step closer to having the first portions of Scripture in the Amdu language.  But just having Scripture available is not the goal.  We are working towards chronologically teaching our Amdu friends God’s Truth from the beginning – building a foundation for them to be able to understand all of God’s message of salvation!  That day is getting closer all the time, but there is still much work to be done in preparation.  Please continue to pray for our team as we make decisions and plan for the coming months. 


Thank you for praying with us and rejoicing in these milestones!  We are grateful for the larger team that is a part of the ministry in Amdu through prayer, financial support and encouragement.  Thank you!!


All for His glory,

Bart and Emily



Amdu Tribe

Papua New Guinea