Missionary Updates

A Christmas Update from the Berg’s

Attached is our Christmas Praise and Prayer.  Thank you so much for your love and prayers. Wishing you a Christmas and New Year filled with the Majestic Wonder and Majesty of our Messiah and Savior!

Love in Messiah Jesus,

Jeff & Arlene

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From the Cogley’s

Please see the attached prayer letter from the Cogley’s:
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A Prayer Request From the Kintner’s

Dear Praying Friends,

                Our prayer for you is that you are rejoicing in the Lord with Thanksgiving and Praise today. We serve a wonderful Savior who abundantly supplies with spiritual blessings each day. We celebrate Thanksgiving every day for His abundant provision and blessing. We joined 100+ people here in the Village Thanksgiving Day for a sumptuous dinner and testimonies of Thanksgiving to the Lord.


                The long awaited notice of our retirement is now approaching. The official date of our retirement is January 31, 2019. This is established protocol with Baptist Mid-Missions due to age factors. This is not a change of relationship, but rather change of status. BMM can continue to receive and receipt support through our account for our use. We can continue our present ministries as we are able as members of the BMM family.


                We are currently working with the administrator of Missionary Services at BMM to develop a support estimate for our retirement. When the process is complete, the Mission will send each of our donors an informational letter about our retirement. We are truly thankful for your continued support and patience as we transition to this new phase in our lives. Our ministry with EBI, and current ministries in the jail and prison will continue.


                Thank you for praying for Elaine. Since October 26th when she had the radio frequency ablation on her back she has not felt much improvement in her pain level. The doctor said it may take 4-6 weeks to feel the full affect. Four weeks have passed with no improvement, and she is to contact the doctor mid-December to report. Then we will see if the process is to be repeated or other treatment considered.


                Paul continues at the EBI office four days a week. The large project of counselling minibooks is completed for now, with plans to produce another eight books early next year. We are presently occupied with processing orders from a Christmas inventory reduction sale while working on development of more new products. Paul is making plans to attend a Hispanic Christian Counselling seminar in Indiana next February where our new materials will be featured.


                May the Lord richly bless you; and thank you again for your prayers and support for our ministry.


In His service,


Paul and Elaine

Read Carolyn Renner’s letter here

Read an update from Carolyn Renner below: 
Please keep our missionaries in your prayers!

Third quarter update from the Dysert’s

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A note from Joy Spieth – October 2018

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An update from the Kintner’s

Dear Praying Friends,

                Living here in Maranatha Village is a great blessing, and a great experience in the power of prayer. Each morning, Monday through Friday, people meet in the fellowship hall for a time of prayer for missionaries they support, followed by a devotional from one of the residents. Wednesday night service is dedicated to prayer for residents of the village and family members as well as missionaries. There is a “prayer alert” e-mail system which communicates prayer requests and needs as they occur throughout each day. In a community of residents, age 55 to 100+, there are many needs, and many blessings. We love it here and many of the residents are involved in caregiving, ministry in the jail and prison, CEF classes in local schools, and many other ministries, including EBI. Check it out at www.maranathavillage.org or facebook and consider retiring here.

                The month of September has been very full for us, as we fulfilled the ministries mentioned in our last letter. Paul has worked at more manual tasks at EBI in production of the 24,000 minibooks on Counseling Issues. He works the stapler six or seven hours a day when available as well as corresponding with distributors. His trip to Memphis, TN October 19-22 went well as he ministered in a Hispanic church led by a BMM colleague whom he has known since his youth. Tomorrow, October 28thhe will be speaking at a Hispanic church in Seminole, Florida.

                Thank you for praying for Elaine. Yesterday, April 26h, we traveled to Orlando for her appointment for a “Radio Frequency Ablation” on her sciatica. She has been on strong pain medication for a few years, and the pain has increased. This procedure uses extreme heat to ablate, or alleviate the symptoms that signal the brain. It will take several days to see the results. Continue to pray for good results in reducing the pain.

                Elaine continues to visit the local jail twice each month. On Her last visit a lady accepted the Lord. It was also encouraging for her to see again the lady that trusted Christ on her previous visit, and how she had changed in many ways, and was studying her Bible. Elaine will also be teaching the Ladies’ Sunday School class next Sunday as the regular teacher will be absent. Paul is scheduled again this month for a morning devotional in the chapel, and preaching in the Prison November 18th.We are thankful for these opportunities.

                Thank you for your prayers and support which enable us to keep on serving the Lord here. May God richly bless your lives, as He has ours.

In His service,


Paul and Elaine Kintner

Prayer Update from the Vanek’s

Attached is our prayer update.  Thanks for your encouragement and your prayers on our behalf!
In Christ,
Michael, Sherri, Emily, and Benjamin Vanek

Prayer Newsletter from the Cogley’s – July/August 2018

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