An update from our missionaries serving the Amdu tribe in Papua New Guinea, Bart and Emily Allen


To the leadership of our supporting churches,  

We are back in the States now, and after being here in our home area of Meadville, PA for a couple weeks, we are feeling somewhat settled.  We have come back from the field for a short time to rest and be refreshed before returning to the Amdu tribe for the push of Bible translation and lesson writing leading to presenting the Gospel next year.  Some of you have already contacted us, but we wanted to send this general email to be sure we have the proper email addresses for communication with each of you.  Let us know if there is another email address that we should use.  If you would prefer to contact us by phone, our number is (814) 573-7681.   We highly value the partnership of each of our supporting churches and we would love to be able to spend quality time with everyone, but because our time in the States will be shorter than a regular furlough, we are facing the reality that we might not be able to make it around to all of our supporting churches this time.  It’s hard for us to even mention this, but if any of you would be willing to forego a visit from us this time and wait until our next time home, please let us know.  We will talk with each of you individually about this as we communicate more with you.    We greatly appreciate your faithful partnership!    Your missionaries serving the Amdu tribe in Papua New Guinea, Bart and Emily Allen

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